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Beecham Security

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About Us

If we made a movie, it would be the most boring movie ever shot. People these days love drama
but when Beecham Security get involved every twist is the same. The action could be anywhere,
in a house, office or commercial property. Our customers have full control of every stage of our
process, clear and simple! We aim to be different to any other supplier out there by offering:

Beecham Security specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems. We understand the electronic security industry is a constant changing environment and will look for the latest equipment that could assist our customers requirements.

We are always updating our procedures to help improve our workflow and customer satisfaction. Using the latest systems and technologies available, we aim to put these to our advantage by simplifying our background procedures (office, installations and maintenance) to ensure a smooth running customer experience. These new procedures are efficient, saving time and money which we aim to put back into our staff (through training and equipment) and customers.

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